What Makes You Happy ? – 10 Simple Ways

What Makes You Happy

Life is full of struggle that teaches us great lessons to survive so we have to know that What Makes You Happy so read this article carefully. Sometimes we are very high and sometimes very much down. Life changes at every new step that we take. Sometime we are happy and sometimes sad, both are the important part of our life. But in today scenario due to busy schedule and lack of time, people remain worried and sad. They don’t have time to remain happy or enjoy their life. They don’t even have time to celebrate any occasion or festival even. No doubt, work and money are very essential for the development of an individual but besides these things, happiness comes so What Makes You Happy to have know it. To remain happy is the most important part of our life. We must remain happy and joyful and also makes other people happy. It is said that happiness increases when we share it with others. So always remain happy and forget all your worries and tensions. We can plan interesting things to make us feel glad and excited all the time. Think positive and forget all the negative things from your mind to make yourself happy always. Being happy is not a big issue you just have to remain calm and keep patience in every situation or trouble of your life. Life is full of tensions but how to keep yourself away from these tensions is in our hands. To stay happy, we must make a list of things that make us happy all the time and we must follow these things everyday to keep smiling. You can find happiness in any thing like going out with your friends, watching your favorite movie, spending time with your family members and many others things can make you happy. Happiness is all around we need to explore it and feel it. Everyone likes to join the company of happy and calm people as compare to sad or upset people. It is said that your environment affects you so if you remain with a happy person you will also remain happy and will enjoy your life and if you remain with an upset or unhappy person you will become upset or sad too. So, try to make yourself happy as well as your surroundings. This article is about, “What Makes You Happy” that will inspire you how to stay happy always and enjoy your life fully. Go through the post and know the different ways that one must follow to remain happy.

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What Makes You Happy

Happiness is an important part of our life and we must enjoy every moment of our life. A real person is the one who remains happy in every phase of his or her life. The various amazing ways to know What Makes You Happy are discussed as follows-

What Makes You Happy

  1. Take More Sleep

Take More Sleep

Sleeping is an amazing aspect that will help you to remain happy. Sleep relaxes our nerves and helps us to be productive. Adequate sleep is necessary to remain healthy and if you remain healthy you will stay happy and joyful throughout your day and can be able to do any task easily. This is the most working technique.

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  1. Help Others

Help Others

Helping others can also bring happiness in your life. You can spend money on poor people and provide them comfort like food, clothes, house, etc that will make them smile. There happiness also brings joy in your life and you will feel great.

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  1. Go For Trip

Go For Trip

Going to trip can also be a great idea to make yourself happy and joyful. You can go out with your family members or friends to any hilly station or your favorite place to enjoy and make yourself happy.

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  1. Do Exercise


Exercise is very important for living a perfect and healthy life. It keeps us relax, maintains our body’s shape, increases our willpower, helps in blood flow and many other benefits. Exercise keeps us fit all the time so go ahead and do exercise daily to remain healthy and happy always.

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  1. Spend Time With Your Friends And Family Members

Spend Time With Your Friends And Family Members

You must spend some time with your friends and family members to remain happy and joyful. Share your feelings and experiences with them so that both of you will feel good and happy. Your friends and family members are very close to you, so talking to them in your leisure will make you feel glad.

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  1. Listening To Music


Music is an awesome thing that will definitely cheer up your mood and you will feel happy and relaxed. You must listen to your favorite tunes to make yourself happy and joyful.

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  1. Practice Loud Smiling

Practice Loud Smiling

Smiling loud is a great way to keep yourself feel relaxed and joyful. You can go out in park or at your home in the morning and can practice loud smiling that will relaxes your body nerves and muscles and will boost up your mood and you will feel good. Smiles removes our pain and boosts up positive thoughts in our mind that makes us happy.

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  1. Do Meditation

Do Meditation

The Meditation is another good way to remain happy and relaxed. Meditation makes our mind calm and relaxed. It increases your will power and boosts up positive thoughts in our mind. So, practise meditation daily to make yourself happy and joyful.

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  1. Practice Your Hobbies

Practice Your Hobbies

Our hobbies plays an amazing role in our life. Everyone has different hobbies that they love to do whenever they get time. You can have dancing, painting, gardening, cycling, listening music, swimming, reading books, skipping, etc as hobbies that make you feel happy and crazy. You must practice your hobbies in your leisure to relax your mind and feel happy.

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  1. Go For Outing

Go For Outing

You must go outside to change your mood and feel relaxed and happy. You can go out for walk, can do cycling, gardening and many other interesting things in a good weather to make yourself happy and excited. The pleasant surrounding will cheer up your mood and you will become happy.

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This post is about, “What Makes You Happy” that one must follow to make yourself happy and joyful. Leave your comments below regarding this post!!! Share this article through Facebook, Hike, Google Plus, Twitter, SumoMe, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, WeChat and WhatsApp. If you have any doubt, ask us!!!!

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