{Latest 30++} This or That Questions

This or That Questions

This or that questions are the great way to know someone and to spend time in a nice way. This or That Questions is an awesome talking game in which players choose one word that they like or prefer. The game is similar to would you rather where the players have to opt one thing between the two. The this or that questions is an amazing game that is all about words. This is really a funny and interesting game depending upon the type of questions being asked to the players. The type of questions can be varying according to the choice of people, such as funny, dirty, serious and cool questions can be asked to each other. If you want to know someone in a funny way, then the This or That Questions will work best for you.

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This or That Questions

This or That Questions

There are different ways that the players can opt to play this awesome game to know more about their friends, relatives or the person who is new to you. The various ways are as follows-

  • Take Turns 

The first and the easiest way to play the this or that questions. Just take turns and ask this and that questions to your friends or the other players. It is an easiest and interesting way to know someone.

  • Series of Questions

The second way is the series of questions. In this, firstly decide how many questions will be asked by the players in each turn, say three or five. This way will work best if the list of questions to be asked is prepared in advance.

  • Disagreement Switch Off

It is an another way to play this and that questions game. Initiate the game by asking the question to a player, keeping your answer in the mind. If the player’s answer resembles yours, then ask him or her the next question. But if the player’s answer is different from yours, then the player will be out and switch the turns.

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List of This or That Questions Game

This or That Questions

  1. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

  2. High-tech or Low-tech

  3. Snakes or Badgers?

  4. Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

  5. Couch or Recliner?

  6. Gas or Electric Stove?

  7. Eggs or pancakes?

  8. Wallet or Money Clip?

  9. Mullet or Mutton Chops?

  10. What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

  11. Coke or Pepsi?

  12. Facebook or Twitter?

  13. City or Countryside?

  14. Motorcycle or Bicycle?

  15. Netflix or YouTube?

  16. T-Shirt or Button Up?

  17. Air Dry or Hair Dryer?

  18. Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers?

  19. Fishing or Kayaking?

  20. Xbox or PlayStation?

  21. Art Festivals or Music Festivals?

  22. Phone Call or Text?

  23. iOS or Android?

  24. Couch or Recliner?

  25. Moose or Hedgehog?

  26. Bright or Neutral Colors?

  27. Sweet or Sour?

  28. Organic or Conventional?

  29. Movie Theater or Arcade?

  30. Zoo or Aquarium?

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This post is about, “This or That Questions” which is an amazing game to play to know each other well. It is a funny talking game to play, so what are you waiting for, here’s the list of this or that questions, start your game and enjoy it. Follow us on Hike, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, WeChat, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, WeChat and LinkedIn.

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