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Most Likely to Questions

The Most Likely to Questions is an amazing game to play with your friends, relatives or closed ones. The game is so funny and interesting as it helps you to know more about your friends and loved one at some different level. Games are the best way to make yourself feel excited and happy. They relax our mind and we enjoy and feel great while playing it. One of the best game to play to make yourself feel happy and to know more about your friends or dear ones, is the most likely to questions. You can play it with a small or large group of people, in home party or social gathering. This awesome game completes all the drinking parties, get together, group dinner and at sleepover. This post is telling you about, “Most Likely to Questions” that is an interesting game to play with your friends and loved ones. Go through the whole article and know more about this funny and entertaining game.

Most Likely to Questions

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Most Likely to Questions List

The type of most likely to questions can be funny, serious, cool and romantic, etc. The list of most likely to questions are as follows-

Most Likely to…

  1. pass out first at this party

  2. write a book

  3. keep the largest collection of Batman comic books in the school?

  4. watch romantic movies?

  5. have weird phobias?

  6. have a lot of brothers and sisters?

  7. get into a fight?

  8. laugh at a serious situation

  9. go to the store and get more than one sample

  10. to be poor?

  11. to lose their virginity first?

  12. to read Steven King?

  13. be the drunkest at the wedding

  14. move to a different country

  15. be the best at math?

  16. go to the museum very often?

  17. to be a drama queen?

  18. have always been the heartbreaker?

  19. wear a Darth Vader costume to a Halloween party?

  20. scrimp on gifts?

  21. give all their money to charity?

  22. accidental kill someone?

  23. be a very big fan of “Star Wars”?

  24. listen to classical music?

  25. Help you move

  26. be able to cook a good meal

  27. have better dance moves

  28. profess their feelings about something

  29. hold their breath the longest as it possible?

  30. have a part-time job?

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How to Play Most Likely to Questions ?

There are several steps that the players must follow to play this game more excitedly. These steps are as follows-

  • Bring drinks for all the players of the game.
  • Next, you need is a set of index cards and pens. All the players will need their own card with the names of each player on the card. Let five people are playing this game, then all the players will hold five cards, one with their name and one for each of their fellows. It should be noted that all the cards should resemble each other, they must have same back.
  • Now, the game will begin. The first player will start with a most likely to….situation like, “Most likely to appear on a reality show”. All the players will throw down the card with the name of the person whom they feel have faced the situation. The person who is asking the questions will gather all the cards, the person who has maximum votes will take the drink and repeat the game again.

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The above written article is about, “Most Likely to ask Questions” which is an interesting game to know more about your friends and loved ones. Is this post is beneficial for you, tell us. Share this article through Hike, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, WeChat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook. Leave your comments below for us!!!

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