I Hate My Life : What Should I Do with My Life?

I Hate My Life

No doubt life is full of worries and tensions that never leave us that’s why people say I Hate My Life. They make us feel sad and upset all the time. When these frustrations becomes excessive we feel depressed. We start hating ourselves and our life becomes hell. Hating yourself is one of the most painful thing in an individual’s life so for those who say I Hate My Life we write article for them. Life is full of struggle and pain that mostly breaks us and forces us to hate ourselves. People who hate themselves suffers from excessive pain and frustration that can result in depression and many other disorders that are difficult to cure. Life is hard and will always be but it doesn’t mean that you kill yourself and start hating your life. Everyone face up’s and down’s in their life but to handle them with courage and boldness is very important for an individual. You must remain strong and try to fight against every trouble of your life to live a smooth life. Never lose hope, just make your best efforts and move ahead in the war of life. Life can never be easy, it is in our hands that how we tackle every situation of our life, whether we take it lightly or take it the most difficult situation of our life. Excessive tensions and worries always bring sadness in our life that fills our mind with negative thoughts and we start hating our life and ourselves. If you are one of the person who say I Hate My Life then you are doing one of the most painful thing in your life.

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I Hate My Life

Many people say that I Hate My Life so much for them we make this post. Life is a natural beautiful gift given by god to us and we must live it happily. We humans due to work load and worries in our life exhaust this beautiful gift that god has given us. We should not destroy our life and must make it happening and joyful. We must handle every trouble of our life with courage and keep positive thoughts in our mind to succeed it. This article is about, “What Should I Do with My Life” that one must read to make his or her life free of tensions and worries. Go through the whole article and follow the given below amazing ways that will help you to live your life happily.

I Hate My Life

What Should I Do with My Life?

After read these points you will never say I Hate My Life. Life is full of worries but we must remain calm and courageous to fight against every situation of our life. Due to excessive frustrations and tensions of the life, people start hating their life which is not right. Life is a precious gift that god has given us and we must live it happily. There are various amazing steps that will help you to stop hating your life-

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food

One of the way to reduce stress and tension is to intake healthy food. One must eat healthy food that will boost up their mood and will be beneficial for their body. If their body is fit then they will be able to fight against any trouble or problem of their life and can keep their life free of tensions and worries. So, always eat healthy food to live a perfect life.

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  1. Keep Yourself Calm and Think Positive

Keep Yourself Calm and Think Positive

One of the problem which people are facing today is that their minds have been filled by negative thoughts. They every time think wrong about everything that leads to frustrations and tensions in their life. To stop hating yourself, the most important thing that one must do is to remain calm and always think positive and cut off all those negative thoughts from your mind.

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  1. Take Plenty of Sleep

Take Plenty of Sleep

Adequate sleep is very essential for our survival. Sleep relaxes our mind and refreshes our body. One must take atleast 7-8 hours sleep everyday to feel good and productive. So, go ahead and make your habit to go to bed earlier at night so that you can relax your mind and can remain tension free.

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  1. Practise Dance

Practise Dance

Dance is an easy and amazing exercise to boosts up your mood. Everyone likes to do dance, so what are you thinking for?? If you are feeling down, just play your favourite tune and dance freely to relax your mind and to forget about all your worries and tensions.

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  1. Spend Time With Your Family Members And Friends

spend Time With Your Family Members And Friends

To keep yourself happy, one must spend time with their family members and friends to feel good. If you have any tension or problem, you can always share with them and they will always suggest you the right way to follow. So, whenever you feel upset or discouraged, share your feelings with your dear ones to feel relaxed.

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  1. Practise Some Exercise

Practise Some Exercise

Exercise is very essential for our body which keeps us away from worries of our life. It relaxes our body nerves and boosts up our mood that is very necessary for living a positive life. You can go out for gym or can practise exercise at home like skipping, swimming, or any other exercise of your interest. So, to remain happy and healthy, one must practise exercise daily.

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  1. Plan A Trip

Plan A Trip

To relax your mind and keep yourself away from frustrations of your life, one must go out on a trip to forget all his or her troubles and worries. Trips always brings joy and happiness, they are an amazing part of our life. You can plan to go out on any place with your friends or loved ones to stay happy and joyful and get relief from the tensions of your life.

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  1. Take Fresh Air Daily

Take Fresh Air Daily

To relax your mind, one must go out for walk daily. Walking is an amazing way to feel relaxed and refreshed. The early view of morning will boosts up your mind and body and you will feel good. A good beginning will always end up with goodness. So, to start up your day you must go out for walk to feel good and relaxed and for a happy day.

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  1. Remember That God Is With You Forever

Remember That God Is With You Forever

To forget your self hate, you must remember god’s love towards themselves. Life is always full of troubles but one must believe in god that always do well for us. He is our well wisher who supports us at every up and down moment of our life. So, believe in god’s love and everything will become better itself.

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  1. Do Mediation

Do Mediation

An another way to keep yourself away from frustrations and tensions of your life is to practise yoga or meditation. It relaxes our mind and inspires us deeply with positive thoughts of living life.

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