How to celebrate coworkers’ birthdays ?


    A colleague or a coworker is your partner at your work place where you share work and appreciation from boss and a true companion at office. When it is his/her birthday and you and your team members remember it then why don’t you make the birthday boy or birthday girl’s day special? Moreover, celebrating your coworker’s birthday will make them feel special and they will feel themselves to be an important part of the team. If it is a smaller company then it is not hard to celebrate the birthday party.

    The most important thing is to decide a precise budget and stick to that. You can also share the expense incurred by your other coworkers.

    Here are some tips to celebrate your team member’s birthday at your work place.

    1. The evergreen birthday cake

    You can surprise your office buddy with a grand birthday cake and he/she will be very happy by cutting the cake, blowing out the candles and hearing birthday songs from you all. This is will be very special since this is going to happen at his work place. You may check out the favorite flavor in some way and treat your coworker.

    1. Table or cabin decoration

    The moment he/she will enter the office on their birthday and get to see the wonderful decorations they will be overwhelmed. You can also write or paste birthday wishes along with candies at the work table. It will make them special.

    1. Gift card

    Sometimes a small token of shopping card or vouchers of $25- $50 can make their day. If the coworker is a shopping freak, treat them with shopping vouchers of gift cards if their favorite brands or shopping outlets. Moreover, if he/she is a foodie, then restaurant vouchers or coupons of any food court will delight. This is the best way to celebrate birthday at workplace and also show then your concern towards him or her. Also, Write a Beautiful Birthday Quotes for Co-worker on the Gift Card.

    1. Eating out

    You have a coworker’s birthday coming soon. So, you may also contact your boss or the administration and request them to fund either a lunch or dinner for the entire team members in some restaurants according to their wish. This will not also make the birthday of your coworker special but also there will be a team outing on the occasion of his/her birthday.

    1. A Day off to the deserved

    What will be the most thoughtful thing to do for your coworker on his/her birthday? This will be the most wonderful gift ever. That special day must be a day off for the birthday boy/girl so that they can relax and enjoy in their own way. This can be discussed with the management before taking a decision to give an off to the deserved individual.

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