How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend – 10 Simple Tips

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

If you really like a girl and want her to be your girlfriend, then it might take a huge time to execute so here we tell you How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend. There are no set rules or formula to make a girl your girlfriend. If you have feelings for someone, then it’s not necessary that the person whom you like also likes you or have feelings for you. It can be a one sided love, then what you will do..??? Will you forget your love or will do something to attract them towards yourself. Directly asking a girl to be your girlfriend will never work out. It needs huge efforts and then it can be fruitful. You need to keep a watch on her, try to understand her nature, interact with her friends to know more about it, and remain calm while doing all the efforts for your love. Love always brings joy and happiness in an individual’s life but keeping it successful requires efforts and time too. If want to start a relation, then you need to be confident and keep patience to impress your love. If you like a girl and she also like you too, then you have to just express your feelings, it might be that she is waiting for you to initiate. But if you like a girl and she is not much interested in you, then it might take time to attract her towards yourself so read this article How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend carefully.

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How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

If you like a girl, and want to her to be your girlfriend, then just follow the given below easy ways to make her fall in love with you. Here are the ways How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

  1. Ask Question on Her Special Day

Ask Question on Her Special Day

You can ask your love to be your girlfriend on her birthday. Yeah, birthday is a special day for everyone, and thus your efforts can be fruitful on her birthday. You don’t know about her birthday, ask her friends and close ones to figure out. Take colourful balloons and cake for her and Ice it with, “Can You Be My Girl Friend?”.

  1. Try to be Friendly with her

Try to be Friendly with her

It is rightly said that the friendship is the beginning of love, so try to be friendly with her. Try to know about her and then start up your conversation with her to impress her.

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  1. Take a Favour from your Pet

Take a Favour from your Pet

Almost every girl like pets, so take advantage of it. Write your feelings on a piece of paper and tie it to your pet. Send your pet to her door and hit her bell. If she is a pet lover, then she will definitely like the way of your proposal.

  1. Play Song for Her

Play Song for Her

A girl always loves to hear a proposal song from a guy. If you have a nice voice, just sing a romantic song for her and propose her. The best way to sing a song for her can be her home and if you know how to play any musical instrument, then it would work best for you.

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  1. Gift Her Something Nice

Gift Her Something Nice

Girls love to have gifts from others, and sending a small and nice gift to her can work for you. Try to give her something that connects you both like a harmonica, a jewellery box, a little glass or a bunch of her favourite flowers.

  1. Use a Greeting Card To Express Your Feelings

Use a Greeting Card To Express Your Feelings

Expressing your feelings through a greeting card can be a good idea for your proposal. Choose any cute romantic card for your love and write few lines of yours in it and give to her when you both are alone or at appropriate time.

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  1. Use Snow To Convey Your Message

Use Snow To Convey Your Message

What you need are water gun, food coloring and a ground covered with the snow. Now just write your proposal on the snow with hot water or food coloring and show it to the girl whom you like, chances are there that she will definitely like your proposal.

  1. Write a Love Letter


Writing a love letter for the girl whom you like can also work best for you. A love letter will express your every single emotion and she will understand all your inner feelings. It’s a great way to tell her how much she is important for you.

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  1. Use Colorful Balloons To Covey Your Message

Use Colorful Balloons To Covey Your Message

If you truly like a girl, then this is an another cute way that will be fruitful for you. Write your message on colourful balloons and tie it to her car, door lock or locker.

  1. Give Her Chocolates

Give Her Chocolates

Every girl like chocolate, you can have her favourite chocolate from market or can prepare at home for her. Gift her favorite chocolate and cutely convey your message that how much she is special for you.

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