How did Bruce Lee Die – Explain {Real Truth Reveal}

how did brandon lee die

The Bruce Lee was a famous Hong Kong American martial artist, film maker, actor, and philosopher and here we tell you about How did Bruce Lee Die. He was the founder of matial art, Jeet Kune Do and was regarded as the most amazing martial artist of all time. The Lee was born in the Chinatown of San Francisco in 1940. His parents were Lee Hoi-chuen and Grace Ho and he was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He was often complimented by the way he helps the Asians to be presented in American films. He lived in Kowloon, Hong Kong till his teenage and was moved to United States at the age of 18 for his higher education, and it was the time he started teaching martial arts. His father introduced him in the film industry and appeared in several films as a child actor. He did many amazing films including Warner Brothers Enter the Dragon, Lo Wei’s The Big Boss, The Game of Death and Fist of Fury and many more. There are many theories for the death of Bruce Lee. The Bruce Lee died at the age of 32 on July 20, 1973. He was died when he was filming, “Game of Death” and the truth of his death remain hidden till now. There are different opinions and theories associated to the death of Bruce Lee, but what was the exact reason is still not cleared. The truth of the death of great martial artist was gone with him and remain hidden from all. This is the article about How did Bruce Lee Die so read this article carefully.

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How did Bruce Lee Die

How did Bruce Lee Die

There are many theories that are linked to the death of amazing martial artist, Bruce Lee but this is not proved that How did Bruce Lee Die. The Bruce Lee died due to the reaction of Hashish. It was a very toxic muscle relaxant drug which Lee takes to get relief from back problem given to him from his friend. Few weeks before his death, he was admitted to hospital as he was suffered from high fever and seizures. After his check up, the doctor said that the seizures were caused to the chewing of toxic Hashish. The Lee’s weight was gone down and was left with only 1% fat in his body. His wife, Linda Emery Lee said that he only sometimes take small amounts of Hashish to get relief from pain. The Fats in the body are very necessary and absorbs toxins efficiently. The Lee was warned not to take Hashish again, otherwise he will be died. He was just 20 pounds weight before his death. The weak body with excessive amount of toxic drug and less fats leads to the death of Bruce Lee.

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Theories about Bruce Lee Die

how did brandon lee die

There are numerous theories that are associated to the death of Bruce Lee, and some of them are as follows-

Theory 1: Killed by Martial Arts Followers

One of the theory that reveals the Bruce Lee death is that he may be killed by martial arts followers. In 1970’s, the martial art was not taught outside the Chinese culture.  The Chinese martial art followers killed Lee for teaching and sharing their secrets and techniques with people that do not belong to Chinese culture.

Theory 2: Poisoned by Betty Ting

The Bruce Lee may be poisoned by Betty Ting who was Taiwanese actress and friend of Lee. She did so for Chinese Tong secret society but why they wants to kill Lee is not known by anyone.

Theory 3: Killed by Chinese Triads

The Bruce Lee was killed by Chinese triads because he refused to pay money to them for protection. Many people believe that he was died several months before his death was made public.

Theory 4: Killed by a Prostitute

The other theory associated with the death of Bruce Lee is that he was killed by a prostitute. A prostitute killed him in self-defense due to aphrodisiac he taken cause him to lose control.

Theory 5: Murdered by Italian Mafia

The Bruce Lee was murdered by Italian mafia as he was not accepting their plans for his future in Hollywood.

The other theory that was linked with the death of Bruce Lee is due to family curse. His son, Brandon Lee was also an actor and was died accidentally while filming “The Crow” at the age of 28.

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