Hoverwatch Review: The Best Smartphone Tracking Software

Best Smartphone Tracking Software

We all have been there. Our workplace is screaming for extra efforts to get a project over the line but some employees find a way to slip under the shadows and walk away with a month’s pay having done no work whatsoever. At home, kids entering the teenage years are prone to graphic content that may evoke violent behavior. Without a way to control the people in both of these scenarios, it’s also quite difficult to confront them or catch them in the middle of the crime. However, a perfect solution for all these ailments has arrived : Hoverwatch mobile tracker. Now see everything on the mobiles you wish to monitor without revealing your secrecy and sleep peacefully at night.

Hoverwatch Features

Wondering if it can guarantee to remedy every problem of yours? Read on to find out:

Best Smartphone Tracking Software

Remain absolutely anonymous while watching over them

Are you always suspicious of what your kids are up to and tried to check out for yourself only to end up getting nothing? Install Hoverwatch and remain absolutely anonymous even when your kids think that they are getting away with the knowledge that they know more about their devices then you. Once installed in an Android device, the Hoverwatch mobile tracker remains absolutely undetectable while getting you the most accurate information.

Find out who’s been calling

With the SMS tracker you can know about every single of your calls on the phone of the one being monitored. You can record voice calls and hear them from your system itself with this feature. Whether it’s somebody trying to lure your kids into doing anything obnoxious or threatening with something that’s troubling them, you can know it all.  And that’s not all. With the help of the SMS tracker, you can also track all the SMS and MMS sent or received by the user. Not only this, you can also track the images shared through MMS to keep a close eye on the user.

View what’s going on the social media platforms

Social media wields a tremendous influence on not just the young minds but on the old heads as well.  It has a power that has been unprecedented and as a result, it has been the cause for many sleepless nights for the parents. With the ability to track Facebook mobile apps, you can know what the user has been up to. Also, you can read all the chats exchanged on whatsapp and Viber. Not just this, all the files that are shared are in the purview of your screening. Whether it’s photos of a late night-out or vulgar/violent video and audio files, know everything that’s going on the phone of the user to watch out for any suspicious activity.

Know where your loved ones are all the time

It’s a late night and your husband hasn’t returned even though it’s early hours of the morning. In a worrying break from his usual routine, he doesn’t call or text liked he always does. You sense trouble but there is no way to know exactly he is. This is not a chapter from a crime thriller novel but something that we read about or listen on the radio one day or the other. Even thinking of such a proposition brings chills to us but we refuse to entertain the thought that something like this will happen to us and our loved ones. To prevent something like this from happening, Hoverwatch mobile tracker helps you determine the location of your user from your account itself. USing the WiFi signals, cell towers and GPS of the Android device, it helps you to know the pinpoint location of the user to soothe your nerves and let you relax.

Know who’s fiddling with your phone

How many times we have seen someone fiddling with the phones that we have handed out only to the people intended to use it? Like the sister of your employee who has some sensitive company information which can be accidentally deleted. Blaming on some “strange bug” is a common excuse. But now, you can know for sure who is the real culprit. It comes with a front camera tracker that takes a picture whenever the user unlocks the screen.

Track even when the SIM card is replaced

When someone has an inkling that hs/she is being tracked, one of the many remedies they try out is changing their SIM cards. On most occasions, that’s the end of the story and you can’t do anything else. However, with Hoverwatch, you can track the mobile even when the user has changed the SIM card. Every time the user tries to get the better of you by pulling out their SIM cards, you’ll know it. And the best part? You’ll still be able to keep track of all the things you’re already doing.

You can track up to five devices with Hoverwatch. Thus, know where your family is and how are they doing without having to look over their shoulder all the time. Ensure the safety of your family and the well-being of your children growing up and say goodbye to being the annoying parent constantly poking their sons about what’s cooking as you’ll always be ahead of the curve. In offices, know which employees are the ones pulling the cart and which are the ones slacking off thereby making informed decision on keeping the staff needed and letting go the ones that aren’t.  As a result, no bias and no complaints whatsoever. Enhance productivity without having to micro-manage and look over the shoulder. Be the boss without having to remind everybody.

While everybody demands absolute freedom, only some understand the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t let your kids go astray or witness the productivity go down the drain after pumping your money, blood and sweat. Ensure that everyone is on their toes without you having to turn up as a dictator to make everybody fall in line. In other words, change the way you think one can monitor with Hoverwatch Mobile tracker.

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