50+ Fake Friends Facebook/WhatsApp Status

Fake Friends Status

Friends are the greatest blessing by Almighty after family who love us selflessly. The purity and innocence in friendship is the gift that is absolutely priceless. Being blessed with such genuine and real gems in life is a rarity. Often we bump into wrong people and mistake them for our real friends. They can be fake and stay in our lives till the time they want for their own goodness.

Fake Friends Status are a way to show such people that you have known their true colors and are deeply hurt with this meanness. Fake Friends Status are all over social media and Whatsapp groups which indicate that in today’s competitive lives purity of friendship is rarely seen. People keep Fake Friends Status to show that they too have gone through the same and been duped in the name of an innocent friendship.

The feeling of a genuine friendship makes us feel lucky but when we confront the truth it was all fake and for a purpose, it simply shatters our hopes and beliefs. People then look for Fake Friends Status to show the world that they have experienced the wrath of fakeness in friendship. There are many across the globe who have gone through fakeness of friendship and look for Fake Friends Status and quotes. Fake Friends Status often comes with images which depict deep meanings.

Fake Friends Status is an easy way to share your sorrow and disappointment and it may happen that others who have gone through the same might take a step ahead to console you and mark the beginning of a new friendship which is pure and selfless. Fake Friends Status is available with different messages and quotes making it easy to pick. The collection on Fake Friends Status are plenty and you can choose the one that best suits you to either depict the emotional disappointment that you are experiencing from within or to let the world the know that such fakeness also exists.

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