5 Amazing Hotel WordPress Themes – The Most Successful 2018 Templates


Are you planning to work on the website for your hotel?

Well, you can browse through a lot of prime outlines that for form the backbones of your business. These layouts not only ease out your work but also help you make a strong statement about your business. You can search online to discover a lot of templates that are useful in regards to the WordPress Theme for your hotel.

What these templates promise you is value for your money. These templates are produced by web developers who are extremely skillful. The team of engineers involved in the template development section aims to bring forth exquisite designs for you.

It is not just limited to that. It also brings in diverse functionalities along with it. Irrespective of you being a professional in designing websites or just beginning up, you will find no hindrance with these templates. You can apply the wide range of options available for you at ease. We will be discussing 5 amazing Hotel WordPress Themes that have been very successful in 2018.

  1. Hotel Luxe

Hotel Luxe is something that boasts of superb design. Well, it is not just one design that you get. Hotel Luxe is a kit. It offers you ten different samples. You can use them to cover any kind of business for example, resorts, motels, luxury hotels, and many more. The Hotel Luxe WordPress Theme comes with more than 7 separate sliders along with 60 blocks and elements, 8 styles for menus and headers and a to the point system for booking.

2. Rocky Hotel WordPress Theme

The Rocky Hotel is a WordPress Template for Hotels that has been designed beautifully. It has a lot of professional functions loaded in it. A sticky drop down menu has been supplied to it in order to make navigation easier. A parallax scrolling effect for the hero area of the header brings aids the layout to achieve more depth. Powered by Cherry Framework, you can find a wide range of tools in the Rocky Hotel that are handy for your business.

3. Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress Theme

The Sanohimi is one of the best options that you can get for Holiday WordPress Themes. It has been designed greatly. Depending on the types of custom posts, every other page of your web resource is sure to carry an exclusive look. The design for the Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress Theme is very responsive. It can be suitably accessed though not only desktop or laptop computers but also smartphones and tablet devices.

4. Haven

Haven is a multipurpose WordPress Theme for hotel resorts and apartments. It comes with 3 different demo versions and is very flexible. This theme has a very clean design and prevents your website from overloading. In order to spare your database, you can even use an external system for booking purposes. In case your business has multiple branches, this has to be a choice for you once you try out the free demo.

5. Bellevue

Bellevue is a WordPress theme for hotel website with bed and breakfast that is modern and beautiful. It is very competent and functional while being extremely intuitive and resourceful at the same time. The most recent developments in website designing have been incorporated in this hotel WordPress theme template. This allows you to access the structure of the tools that are most powerful. Its top features include automatic calendar update, next generation booking system and strong and versatile system for payments. It has many other features included in it.

We have discussed some of the most amazing themes that you can easily avail o the web. You can always conduct your own search and find out more options to choose the one that suits you the best.


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