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21 questions game

It is an amazing game to play to know a person more deeply. The 21 Questions Game is a simple and easy game to start a conversation with someone who has just met you or who is not close to you. As the name suggests, in this game one can ask 21 questions and a person must answer the question truly. The person can ask the question of any choice, whether you want to make the game funny or you want to know about the nature of the person more deeply. It is a wonderful informative game that one must play to know a person in a better way. No doubt, 21 questions are not enough to know a person fully, but if selected correctly one can know the person in an effective way. It will strengthen your bond and will help you to know your friends and dear ones more deeply. Usually the game involves the two members but it can be play in small groups also. This article is about, “21 Questions Game” which is an interesting game to play. Go through the post and know about this game and play it to know a person more deeply.

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21 questions game

21 Questions Game

It is an amazing game that one can play with his or her friends and dear ones. I think that you have to play this game ones in your life with someone special like friends. The questions are given as follows-

  1. What would you like: someone gives all of your classmates $10 each or just gives you $100?

  2. What is something that can’t be taught and can only be learned with age?

  3. What should parents stop teaching their children?

  4. What type of TV shows, books and movies interest you the most? Why?

  5. Have you deliberately broken anyone’s heart?

  6. What happened on your first date?

  7. What is the biggest turn on for you?

  8. Name one quality for which you want people to remember you?

  9. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

  10. Tell me about your best friend.

  11. If I asked you to cook me dinner, what would you make me?

  12. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do with the money?

  13. What was your best lovemaking experience?

  14. What is your biggest dream and what are you doing to achieve it?

  15. Do you miss your childhood? Are you still in contact with any of your childhood friends?

  16. What is that one thing that you could never part with?

  17. What are you most scared of failing at?

  18. Are you interested in indoor games or outdoor games?

  19. Which events did you participate in during your annual day at school?

  20. What is your favorite cartoon character?

  21. How do you handle conflicts in your workplace?

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The above article is about, “21 Questions Game” that you can play to know about your friends or dear ones or the person who has just met you. Give your views and opinions for improving this post. Share this article through Hike, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google Plus, and WeChat.

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